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Down the Maine Coast, Across the New Hampshire Mountains


[Update 8/12/10 per Peter Wagner's mom (Hi, Marlene!) re beach roses (see photo gallery): "News from my mom… the things that I’ve always called “salt water roses” are in fact “beach roses.” And it is indeed a rose, but not necessarily native to Maine (although they’re EVERYWHERE, and in my lifespan I certainly think of them as native – when I really try I can imagine how they smell)." — Peter Wagner '92, Director of Alumni Relations"]

Past the shipyards in Bath to Bates College in Lewiston to lighthouses on the Maine coast, then on to Portsmouth and Concord and Hanover in New Hampshire, Dodger and Peter and I made our way those first fateful days of “Road Trip 2010: Up the Eastern Seaboard.” We climbed rocks and rode waves, gobbled lobsters and whoopee pies, traversed hills and dales. At dark on Day Two, we passed up a sketchy’n'foreboding New Hampshire no-tell motel out in the sticks where no one would hear you scream, in favor of trudging onward anon to an establishment featuring indoor pool, outdoor lighting and the promise of hermetically-sealed muffins come morning. We wi-fi’ed, we rested, we swam.

En route the next day, Day Three afternoon, my classmate and class secretary Kelly Sundberg Seaman ’85 pinged us back from our on-the-road contact via the Alenda Links online directory to say that she was indeed in Hanover, where she works in public affairs at Dartmouth College. A happy hour we then spent at a festive l’il cafe in Hanover, taking in the passing college-town scene and talking shop about media relations, communications, and other aspects of our jobs that we can sometimes make seem easy because they are fun.

Day Four, and Day Five it turned out, we were in Dorset, Vt., at the home of Steve Holman ’78.

[N.B. Yes, this blog is a little out of order based on the chronology of our travels. I found this summer that, unlike Road Trip 2009, when you cram all the events and visits and mileage into one week instead of six, there's precious little time for Wifi and blogging.... so I'm catching up!]