It’s a Great Day to Be a Wildcat in Deodorant Advertising Land—or Not?


“Get me rewrite!”

Updated 2/19:

Check out this bonus content of behind-the-scenes footage of Steph working with John Legend.

Also, a note: we’ve reported the funny typo through the iSpot web site that posted it to the Degree account page there. No response yet. Maybe it’s a bot that doesn’t care. Now that’s depressing…. Wonder what James Barrat ’83 thinks?

Original post:

Wildcats Go Pit to Pit in Advertising Manproducts—This just in: Former Wildcat hoopster and current Golden State Warrrior Steph Curry bares it, kinda, in this TV ad for Degree deodorant, a direct competitor to the Old Spice brand whose  “Believe in Your Smellf” campaign is the brainchild of Britton Taylor ’98. So far, Britton’s one up on the proofreaders at Degree, whose video page at the time of this posting contained the following “d*#n-you-autocorrect” line:

Stephen Curry is always pushing himself to go faster and harder, just like Degree is driven to make the best antidepressant around.

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