Springing Forward with Classical Public Radio WDAV: Spring Membership Drive 2014


I always like to volunteer for WDAV‘s fund drives, even though I tend to get nervous for the first few minutes. It’s a faster paced thing than, I don’t know, blogging.


“I was told there would be training!” I barked this morning at my pal Rodger Clark, the station’s director of development and corporate support. Rodger was running the laptop—nearly as authoritative a position as “guy with clipboard” in days of yore. He also knows me well enough to know when to smile and roll his eyes, which he now did.

I wanted training this year because the script is slightly different this time around—wisely so, the better to safeguard donors’ personal information—and that took me a minute to get used to. I don’t like change, at first. Another reason I often get nervous at the fund drive is that, inexplicably, I always feel like the first time I answer a WDAV call-center phone that I’m being broadcast live on the radio. Not.

So anyway, after my first call, I was fine. The ambient music soothed my savage breast, and soon I was joshing with my fellow volunteers and staffers, taking calls for the cause. I was even moved to make my own annual WDAV donation on the spot, in an amount this year entitling me to a premium gift CD. (One year, I only was able to offer up a heartfelt jar of loose change. The announcer rattled it on the air with heartfelt thanks, but no CD.)

This morning, caught up in the moment, I dedicated my contribution and the CD of English choral music to my dad Sam, who is one of the world’s biggest, baddest, old-school, choral-music anglophiles. And how fitting that the guest announcer who read Dad’s name on the air was Charlotte Symphony Orchestra Music Director Christopher Warren-Green, a British conductor, violinist and onetime chorister himself. Dad was thrilled.

All too soon, my call-center shift was over. On the way out, I grabbed a great plate of food (okay, two plates), courtesy of Toast restaurant here in Davidson, one of many generous community partners who support WDAV in many ways.

You can, too: Click or call now, operators are standing by!

Bonus note: The English choral music CD in question is Treasures of Christchurch: The Choir of Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford, Stephen Darlington. WDAV is proud to be a media sponsor for that choir’s visit to Charlotte on April 4 and to Davidson on April 5.

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