Perspective for Exams: Twenty-Four Hours Solo Camping

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Over coffee the week before exams, Elizabeth Welliver ’16 mentioned a Davidson Outdoors trip she was helping organize for the next day, for eight students each to spend 24 hours in solitude at campsites in the woods near the college. The week before exams, right? Wow. Kudos! Here’s what one of them had to say upon his return:

I am Santiago Navia, a first-year from Colombia, and Elizabeth told me you were interested in hearing about our experience during the Solo trip last weekend.


I wanted to clear my mind and discover what thoughts were wandering about my head without me noticing. Finals is a busy time of the year, so I though in order to compensate the stress that they provoke, I would relax and enjoy the peace that nature can provide.


I thought constantly about humans and their place in nature. We are but one species and a part of nature itself, but we have developed a sense of superiority that provides us with the justification for our exploitation of our planet. Even if we think of ourselves as at the top of the food chain, we are really on the bottom of nature’s priority since no species depend on our existence to survive. Remembering that we are a part of nature is key so that we can live in harmony with it rather than in constant war against it.


Hope this helps!




Kind of puts exams in perspective, doesn’t it?

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