One Day Challenge TODAY: All In For Davidson!

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Any reason is a good reason to support Davidson: It’s the same as it ever was, it’s different than it ever was, and none of it is cheap.

Today’s one-day challenge, All in for Davidson, is a chance to focus each of our unique glimmers of gratitude through Davidson’s stellar annual-giving participation rate for the whole alumni body, as well as through the college’s bottom line:

“Help us reach 500 gifts by noon Wednesday and The Fund for Davidson will receive an additional $100,000 from a group of alumni and parent challengers!” says the All in for Davidson page. [This just in: Word up the line is that new challenge money is appearing for a next round, soon to be announced. Stay tuned to the All in for Davidson page for the latest updates!]

My own appreciation for what Davidson offered me as a student—all of it—has only grown in the post-graduate time I spent away from the bosom of alma mater. And it’s grown even more after my return to the green, green grass of home as a staffer in 2001. Why, today I have gratitude in areas where I didn’t even used to have areas!

So, what’s at the heart of your own Davidson experience, as it shows up in your life today? Visit the “All in for Davidson” page linked above, call the one-day-challenge “celebrity call center” at 704-894-GIVE, visit the college’s social media hub, or tweet using hashtag #allinfordavidson to share in the conversation and the challenge. Happy All in For Davidson Day!

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