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More news from the alumni mailbag:

President Obama has nominated James F. Entwistle ’78, Ambassador to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Department of State.

John “Buck” Bradberry ’83, a business and investor consultant who is ReadyFounder Services in Charlotte, reports breaking med-tech news from kindred entrepreneurial spirit Mark Williams ’86: “Mark and his developer team are in SF this week attending WWDC (annual pilgrimage-to-mecca for Apple programmers and media). Jobs’ big announcements were mostly about the new iPhone, but he started his keynote with a quick review of the iPad (2 million sold in 59 days, etc.) and showed 10-12 apps on screen (out of about 8500 native iPad apps developed so far), including shots from ModalityBody, a just released, paradigm shifting application that will eventually allow med students and professionals to create, personalize and sort atlases of anatomy images from major publishers, and also upload and share their own content. It’s still a very early-phase product, but demo can be seen at”

Lexi Beerman ’99 has added bulldog publicity to her list of Left Coast pursuits. Check out Lyle, the snowboarding, skateboarding, soccer-playing English bulldog:

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