Jeopardy! and Other Breaking News

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• Caroline Evans, daughter of Bob Evans ’81, erstwhile College Bowler, is on Kids’ Week Jeopardy! this week. Click the image:

• Robyn Hakanson, M.D. ’91 (e-mail handle “kneedoc”) has co-founded Women Orthopaedist Global Outreach, according to a recent article in the Winston-Salem Journal.

• Regular readers of the New York TimesDealbook blog or of the Wall Street Journal‘s Source are getting regular doses of news from the office of Britain’s Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne, who was a British exchange Rusk Scholar at Davidson  in 1990. Here’s a mix’n’match for you, two lines from the aforementioned blogs datelined June 22. Can you guess which is which? “U.K. Chancellor George Osborne swung a heavy axe at Britain’s welfare state Tuesday. He also announced a raft of tax increases. The net result will be one of the biggest fiscal contractions in any developed country since at least World War II. The British public won’t know what hit them.” and “In a joint letter, the finance ministries of Germany, Britain and France said they would ‘aim to ensure that banks make a fair contribution to reflect the risks they pose to the financial system and wider economy, and to encourage banks to adjust their balance sheets to reduce this risk.'”

• Tommy Ross ’99 has been elected to the Council on Foreign Relations. Go, Tommy! It is a small world, after all, but just so, it needs all the help we can muster. (No word yet on reactions from the NYT or WSJ.)

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