Casco Bay Sunset Run, Portland, Maine

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It was hard to tear ourselves away from four boys playing in the surf at southern Maine’s Reid State Park on Monday afternoon, but we had a grocery run in Portland before the Casco Bay Sunset Run cruise with alumni. Clickable:

Peter ’92 and Elena Wagner's three boys 8-, 9-, and 10-year-old boys Gabe, Shea and Colby, screaming delighted bloody murder with cousin Keel (green shirt).

It will surprise no one that Peter, Dodger and I squealed into the parking lot at the ferry port with scant moments to spare, tossed our keys to a nearby Hilton valet and wagged our party wares aboard amid much hilarity.

In my haste, I forgot to get a cheese-friendly knife out of my camp kitchen box in the trunk, but Peter's Aunt Kandace saved the day with a well-traveled pink pocketknife.

The Davidson College Portland alumni chapter staked a claim at the stern early in our scenic voyage.

Northern New England Chapter President Kristi Calhoun Belesca ’90, left, was front and center dockside with her festive red Davidson cooler as we prepared to board. John Teel ’03 and his fiancée Peke, who met in her native Argentina, are re-acclimating to his native Damariscotta, Maine. Kousin Kandace Wagner of pink knife repute, is in white top with pal Bob/Mike behind Peter Wagner, center, guarding cheese and crackers with Dodger. Over Peter's left shoulder in the Davidson Field Hockey hat is Paul Willis, who with his wife Jan (not pictured) is parent of Jen Willis ’08. Professor of Classics Emeritus (Smith College) Charles Henderson ’43 and Carol (right).

It turns out Charles Henderson ’42 knew my stepdad Hil Womble ’55 from their classics days at UNC and Duke, respectively. Davidson gentlemen are just *everywhere*! (And we greet one another as such on the sidewalk, don't we Charlie?!)

Our captain obliged vacationing teens with big wakes when we would leave dock stops along our route.

Alison Grey Murray, friend of Davidson and sister of fifth-generation Davidsonian Jennifer Grey ’91, with husband Oliver and daughters Chloe and Charlotte.

After the Sunset Run, the group morphed into a ribald two picnic tables on the deck at Flatbread Pizza, which we proudly shut down on a Monday night at 11:30!

Left to right: Moi ’85, Justin Bussone, M.D. ’00, PeWags ’92, Jon Teel ’03, Matt Hanson ’05, Bree Simmons ’05, Tom McGintee ’01

  1. Anna

    Can I play in the water, too? It’s so wretchedly HOT here. Y’all are having so much fun and enjoying every minute. Keep it up! I miss Dodger. Kelly and I keep looking for him on the porch.

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