Lancaster, Pa.

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The first thing Peter and I wanted to know about Lancaster, Pa. was how to pronounce it like a native. “LANK-ester,” our host, Bruce Balestier ’93, assured us. Bruce works in development at Franklin and Marshall College, a beautiful, historic campus (since 1787) in a bustling yet human-scaled, medium-sized town, also historic.

Bruce Balestier ’93 (left) with daughter Colette. Peter with Bruce's other daughter Madeline (right). Dodger (front)

Across the street from Bruce’s work digs, as it happens, lies the Iron Hill Brewery and Restaurant, where we were prepared to make a little history of our own, in the form of a small but robust gathering of alumni, parents, and friends of Davidson College. We had a professional banner and convivial banter. All the other brewery patrons were just pea-green with envy.

(l-r): Kent Carr ’79, Mike Pennock ’11, Beverly Carr, Loy Thornton Miller ’83, Peter Wagner ’92, Emily Killough ’08, Bruce Balestier ’93, John Syme ’85, Patrick Carr ’14.

Bruce’s wife Amy and daughters Madeline and Colette charmed us the moment I met them. Bruce, too, but mostly Amy and Maddie and Coco. The Carrs showed up next, Kent ’79, his lovely wife Beverly, and their son, incoming freshperson Patrick ’14. (Sis McKensie ’11 couldn’t make it.) Patrick and I were both starving and so we buddied up right quick to move people along as soon as our table was ready. Along the way we collected Mike Pennock ’11, Emily Killough ’08, and the irrepressible Loy Thornton Miller ’83, to round out a good time to be had by all.

A good time being had by all. (Not pictured: Dodger)

Later, Bruce and Amy welcomed our traveling trio of two Wildcats and a wilddog to their lovely and liveable Lancaster home, where we stayed up late (for us) and talked about hoops and books and yoga and kids and I forget what all, until it was time to get a good night’s sleep in preparation for an early run to the Lancaster market, the longest-running market in the nation. Fascinating. We recommend the Amish Long John pastries. Peanut butter.

Back on campus, I got to see the Carrs again today, along with sis McKensie, at the annual Alumni Legacy Welcome Luncheon hosted by none other than Peter himself. It was fun to bring our road acquaintances full circle back to campus!

The Carrs: Beverly, Alex, McKensie ’11, Patrick ’14 and Kent ’79.

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