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In this year of “Global Connections” as a campus theme, remember, it only takes a few clicks to surf around the world—and bump into a Davidson student, parent, or alumnus!

Svilen Rangelov ’07 is on Bulgarian sports television with funny hair and a lacrosse schtik.

On The Huffington Post, new Davidson parent Rob Denson writes about dropping son Sam ’14 off at Davidson in “Learning to Make a Difference.” Be sure to scroll all the way to comments!

Daniel Councell ’12 and Leland Taylor ’12 report in live and well via their blogs from New Zealand, where they were near the epicenter of last weekend’s quake.

From campus, a new online magazine of students’ first-year writing, the imagination of which is bounded by no border. “I hope you enjoy looking through our inaugural issue of Commonplaces, the Writing Program’s online journal of first-year writing,” says Van Hillard, director of the college writing program and associate professor of rhetoric.

Stay tuned for the latest from the Davidson beat.

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