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A few items from the BlogFodder ® folder:

• With a daily promise to inspire and encourage WVON listeners that “… it’s time to claim your potential… your vitality… your communities… your dreams… (and) your voice on The Talk of Chicago, 1690 AM,” HipHop Republican, political and social commentator and author Lenny McAllister joins the historic Chicago radio station as the host of the new morning show, “Launching Chicago with Lenny McAllister”  starting tomorrow at 5 a.m. The show will stream online at

Bill Ferguson ’05 just upset the incumbent Maryland state senator in the primary election on Tuesday.  He’s a political science and economics double-major and a Teach for America alumnus.

• Some of the principles at play in the New York Times’ recent “Forget What You Know About Good Study Habits” sound awfully familiar. Interdisciplinary liberal education anyone? For more Times take on the state of higher education, see “Why Colleges Are So Selective” in the Sept. 12 Room For Debate feature.

• Steve Kaliski ’07 is featured in a podcast on

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