Rainy Days and Mondays…

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Rainy days and Mondays don’t always get me down. For one thing, the green, green grass of campus needs the rain that’s barrelling up the East Coast right now, and beyond that, I actually like Mondays. Maybe it’s a holdover from my school days, when Mondays were time to get up and just run with whatever I had got done, or not, over the weekend. No more fretting and prepping and organizing paper clips, just GO! In that spirit, here’s a blast o’ news and notes to help plug your Monday into the world o’ Davidson hither, thither and yon. First up: Lessons of the ages:

• W.R. Grey Professor of Classics and Professor of History Peter Krentz’s new book The Battle of Marathon was reviewed this weekend in the Wall Street Journal to great good effect. The article by Paul Cartledge, a dual review of Krentz’ book alongside Richard A. Billows’ Marathon, asks “do we need two more books to ram that point home [that Marathon was a pivotal battle with many historic effects], even in an anniversary year? The answer is emphatically ‘yes’ when the books are as good as these—and when the state of the world is such as it is, poised between various irreconcilable notions of an ‘east’ and a ‘west.’”

Timely, important stuff, and a reminder not just to repeat history, but to read it. And for a taste of Krentz’s classroom, rewind to this “300 Words” entry on the Daybook, in which Biblical meaning comes “cloaked” in a pop quiz.

The Washington Post reports on a new trend in higher education: professors living in dorms. Jeff Sich ’77 leads the story! Click pic to read.

Jeff Sich, Davidson College Class of 1977, heads back to dorm life.

• On the local front, Flickerball beware: Korfball is coming to Davidson. No, I do not know what that means, but we’ll find out for you. Stay tuned.

• In fashion news, Kevin Keeley ’97 chose a classic look for his recent Redbook photo shoot, opting for a Davidson-red “Davidson” T-shirt on midnight blue or black or something. Click pic to read article on parenting.

• Did you know you can download the Davidson Wildcats sports calendar to your, you know, device? Courtesy of the inimitable and talented Marc Gignac, sports info guy extraordinaire. You go, ’Cat! Check it out here.

Speaking of sports, look at the time! Why, it’s time for me to go raid the office chocolate supply and head for a lunchtime workout at Nisbet Fitness Center! It’s heck keeping up with those whippersnapper college students. I get older and they never do. Oh, well: Go, ’Cats, Go!

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