Maple Soy Salmon En Papillote and Other Alumni News

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• I was all sad when former associate alumni director Nikki Sawyer Moore ’03 left our collegial company to go to culinary school down the road at Johnson and Wales University in Charlotte. Now I’m all glad, because I’ve seen her back on our campus a time or two since she started her own business, Food Love and her blog, Minced, and I’m thinking there might be some goodies in it for me. Not that I’m hinting. This morning, Nikki was on a local morning show fixing scrumptiousness en papillote. Check it out:

• In other foodie news, Julie Ruble, ’06 is getting some nice attention for her mouth-watering food blog, I’ll Bite. “I won a recipe contest to be the 2010 Nature’s Pride Bread Ambassador to the Foodbuzz Blogger Festival… in San Francisco!! Save me a seat on the trolley!” Julie reports.

• Alex Hoyt ’09 is busy researching stories over at The Atlantic Monthly, where he also recently had his own story published, “20 Years After Germany Reunified: The Ruins of a Soviet-Sized Family Home.” Of his own Grosspapa‘s 15th-century manor house and its accompanying village, school, and church, Hoyt writes, “If you can imagine an antebellum plantation turned into a communist co-op, then converted to slum tenements, and finally abandoned to the cat ladies of Grey Gardens, you have a good idea of what has happened to these once-prosperous estates in the years after World War II.”

Click for Atlantic article.

• Katherine Eastland, meanwhile, has made the leap from Davidson Reader to The Weekly Standard as assistant editor and illustrator. Her journalistic lineage is duly noted in her bio thusly: “Her drawings appear in the Books & Arts section and can be viewed at her website.  In 2008 she graduated from Davidson College, where she was the founding editor of the Davidson Reader.”

Flannery O'Connor by Katherine Eastland ’08. Click for Katie's Web site.

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