Update from Dodger II, Las Vegas, Nev.

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It have been 2,800 morning dogwalks, so here I am at brudda Richerd houses across past the big winds, the big rocks, the big hole, the big damn damn and over all the big mountains. It was very panty in my rolly bench yesterday, wif my lips all on the blue vinyl and drippy. I never been so panty, and him kept sayin itsa hundnert forteen but the ol Comet never wint over too fitty, even at the damn damn. That made Him happy. So at brudder Richerds it is all coolywind and softyfloor and I sleepeded all nighty and peedy once this morning and soon I’m going to sleepedy agin. I still not so sure why Him want to do dis, but when he say get in this car, I do. Here is some pitchers, starting wif one of me mad when him scare me agin wif da moveyroof.

I tole you I hated that.

Me anna nice lady name Cud’n Maria Stennis in her hilltopy yarden in Santa Fay.

At tha big rocks, I runned a lot and sitted sometime.

At the big rocks, Him sayed it was call El Morro in Noo Mexiko, it raineded in the night before, so they was plinny to drank near the sun.

Lady take a pitcher at Root Sixty Six in the Petrified Forest. I dint see no roots or no forest. Peoples is funnie.

Me yesterdy at the hoover damn damn, at a hunnert an forteen.
  1. J-Ho

    Dodger, I think you might be Walt Whitman reincarnated as a dog.

  2. Anne

    I think we should hear from Dodger more often.
    What a joy to read from hids point of view.
    Keep up the good work Dodger!!!!
    From a Davidson resident who wishes she was on a trip like this.

  3. John Syme
    John Syme07-01-2009

    tank ewe. Him hog the pooter mostly.

  4. Victor Hawk
    Victor Hawk07-08-2009

    Loving these updates, John. And man am I glad our temps are only in the “low” 100s in OKC. Sarah asks that if you have a larger version of the family pic you took of us in Yukon, we’d love to get it.
    Stay cool, and Dodger, Jimmie still pines for ya.
    Victor Hawk

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