Who’s Who, Who’s Nothing? Musings on Change, Leadership, and a Merit Badge for Partying, from the Inimitable Hansford Epes ’61


You had to be there… (l-r) Some recent years ago, John Kuykendall, Earl Edmondson and Hansford Epes caught in the act chuckling over whatever these three have to chuckle about, doubtless plenty.

Two posts ago, I mused a bit on the nature of change at Davidson. Well, Hansford Epes ’61, registrar and professor of German and Humanities, has both me and Ralph Waldo Emerson beat on such musings, and then some. I like hanging with Hansford. He makes me feel smart. Wry. Urbane. Witty. Etymologically correct. Classical. A classic.

Hansford’s been around these hallowed halls a good while now, and what’s more, he’s been at or at least near the forefront of many changes at Davidson—like, say, computers, or, I don’t know, Humanities—that make his perspectives especially valuable to us moving forward.

Herewith, Hansford’s remarks from this spring’s ODK induction ceremony, which he has graciously agreed to share here. Enjoy. Feel smart.

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