Professor Alexander Contributes Chapter to Interactive Book to Help Laypersons Decipher Middle East Politics

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Do you get confused and exasperated and want to just throw up your hands every time you flip on the NPR and have to listen to the human condition hatin’ on itself on the other side of the world (let alone on this side of it), without understanding fully why? If you do, this breaking-book-news alert from Christopher C. Alexander, Davidson’s associate dean for international programs, McGee Director of the Dean Rusk International Studies Program and professor of Political Science might be of service. An online version of the book promises to be a work in progress! Like the human condition….


Attached is a link to a new publication (both web and hard copy) that came out today.  It is a primer on Islamist movements in several Middle Eastern and North African countries.  It was organized by Robin Wright and the Woodrow Wilson Center.  Robin modeled it on her very successful Iran project.  Full disclosure:  I wrote the Tunisia chapter.

The website contains the full text of the book.  It is intended to be very user-friendly and open for posts so that it can be an ongoing resource for people interested in keeping up with developments related to Islamist parties/movements.  It is intended for lay audiences, including students.



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