New York Times, Above the Fold: I Know That Guy!

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NYT Caption: Patrons at Hartigan's Pub in Charlotte, N.C. watched as President Obama discussed same-sex marriage on ABC.

Surveilling Facebook over my second cuppa joe this morning, I saw a post by my pal Charles Oldham ’97, a Charlotte attorney. It was himself in a picture above the fold, on the front page of the New York Times! I quick made a ROFLMAO-style Facebook comment, then messaged him to ask for commentary for Daybook during this 15 minutes of fame. Ever the scholar and Davidson gentleman, Charles obliged.

Quoth he, with pith: “As for the Amendment itself [passage of Amdendment One in N.C. on Tuesday], I’ll just say that the outcome of the vote is obviously disappointing. But, if it motivated the President to step up and recognize the demographic trends that clearly are taking hold nationally, then great.”

NYT online verison of article with photo: “Obama Says Same-Sex Marriage Should Be Legal.”

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