Shout-Outs Abound in the Wonderful World of Davidson

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It’s the last day of exams, it’s four days before graduation,  it’s three weeks and a day before Alumni Reunion Weekend, and it’s a scant six weeks until the end of Davidson’s fundraising year. The joint’s a-jumping, and I orta be working on some dang deadline assignment, but I just have to take a moment of libertas here to give a shout-out to the people I work with, Davidson’s fine staff and faculty, and the people we do it all for, our fine students. When we all get this busy and focused on our own little tasks and domains, it’s easy for me to lose the sense of wonder about work. Okay, maybe “sense of wonder” is pushing it, but hey, I wonder sometimes, don’t you?

They come from all over and from every level of Davidson's sterling Physical Plant staff, all hands on deck to plant thousands of chairs on Chambers Lawn for graduation. Photo 2011, Bill Giduz.

Anyway, just yesterday, I was a bit short of temper and a tad crabby of mien with a dear, longtime colleague and friend who was just doing her job. My top priority today is to apologize and invite my friend to lunch. After all, lunch with friends is more important than any small-minded workaday frustration my little pea brain comes up with, on a regular basis.

Anyway and in the meantime elsewhere, some ragged-out kids are in the home stretch of their last exam cram of the year. Breathe, kids. In five years, it won’t matter exactly how you did, and you’re already going to do generally how you do no matter how much Red Bull you drink. Breathe. (You forgot again, didn’t you?)

Down the hill a ways, the good folks at the Lula Bell Houston Laundry are offering free steaming of graduation robes to get those tacky little creased squares out, where they’ve been folded up in plastic bags in a hot warehouse for months. Two words: Polyester remediation. Two more: Thank you.

At Vail Commons and Davis Cafe, light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel sustenance is being served with a smile. Grounds crews are watering and praying over the late-season winter rye on Chambers Lawn, and casting hopeful eyes to the skies for Sunday.

From the Vagt Wing of Chambers South’s hallowed upper admin halls to the tiniest glimmering corner of a top-drawer professor’s online classroom support space, from the deepest recesses of payroll and tuition accounting data to the construction of a new dorm and a new college store on Main Street, from housekeeping staffers who spend their break time as greeters at the north “flagpole door” of Chambers to the mellifluous tones of WDAV wafting through my very own office, this place is rich in wonders of mind and heart. I could go on, but I mustn’t. I must do what I orta do and crank some deadlines.

Congratulations, seniors! Go get your robe steamed. See you Sunday.

Updated: Laundry makes Google alert again!

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