Hot, Hot, Hot: FY12 Best Year Ever? You Decide…

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As the Davidson campus ramps up for the heat wave wending its way inexorably toward us across the Deep South even as I type, the Davidson College Annual Fund team is working feverishly to make this a hot, hot year of celebration. You can help!


The “Million Ten/Sixty Challenge” is in the home stretch toward making goal, and individual classes are drumming up support for dear old alma mater. My own class, 1985, currently has a medium ways to go before June 30, but it’s doable, and I bet we do it! Facebook activity is picking up overall. Does your class have a page?

Full disclosure: Though a fidele compensated spokesman now, I was a sporadic giver, at best, for a number of The Early Years, and my contributions have always been quite modest, I assure you. The point that has come home to me full force as I survey the landscape of higher ed from Davidson Grownupland is that the number of gifts received is as important, in many ways, as the dollar amounts. We are in the tippy-toppest tier among a small handful of schools nationwide in percentage of alumni giving, a primary marker in marketing terms of customer satisfaction.

The customer satisfaction angle, for my money, supports the notion of the liberal arts education being more vital to the world we live in than ever. Yes, ever, I say! Think about it. “Liberal,” in its root sense, means free. “Art” comes from the Indo-European root “to fit together.” The liberal arts helps us “fit together freely” the world around us. Another name for that is critical thinking, and God knows we need as much of that as we can get around this beleaguered globe right now, can I get a witness?!…

… Ahem. Anyway, I’d further posit that the preceding hortatory paragraph could have never existed without one man’s Davidson education. Not that it’s such a stellar graf, I’m just sayin’. Right now I must dash, I’m over deadline for a final 300 Words of copy for the next Davidson Journal, coming in July to a mailbox near you.

Please give.

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