June 28: I Gave at the Office • Pizza and Freezy Pops for the Annual Fund Staff


College Communications had leftover pizza from an alumni Web focus group last night, so this afternoon we ate our fill and then I took the rest to our colleagues in the Annual Fund. We’re generous that way.

I also took along my Annual Fund contribution (FISCAL YEAR ENDS SATURDAY JUNE 30!), which I had promised to deliver personally to the staffer or student caller who would a) stand on his/her head or b) dance a jig.

As luck would have it, callers were on a Freezy Pop break on the back deck of Hood House (corner of Glasgow and Main, right next door to the lovely home of Wildcat stalwarts Mary and Bill Vinson ’48, seen in background of my flipfone pix). The pizza was welcomed heartily (what could go better than cold pizza with Freezy Pops at 95 degrees outside and climbing?).

Maddie Stough ’08 (pictured), assistant director of the Annual Fund and freshly minted yoga teacher, volunteered for the headstand. She’ll do one for you, too, if you’ll send in your contribution. Heck, so will I. Anyway, see previous entry for links to “challenging” news about the Annual Fund.

Time to do this, or not. Let’s do it!

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