Davidson Alumni Are the Best in the Whole Wide World

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"Come here, we're the best!" Admission tour, photo Bill Giduz

Sometimes when I see an Admission tour and I am of a mood, I’ll blow past on my bike and yell, “Come here, we’re the best!” Makes the parents smile, makes the high school students wince at the public display of uncoolness and scares the backwards-walking tour guide if you time it just right. A threefer! I just love that. Heh.

A lot of my fellow alumni have the same warm feelings for Davidson, apparently: A greater percentage of Davidson alumni participate in our Annual Fund drive, consistently, than just about any other college in the nation. The end of this fiscal year brought the happy news that Davidson has met its Million/Ten/Sixty challenge. Proper respect to Davidson gentlepersons the world over! To celebrate, let’s check the ol’ alumni mailbag.

• Read All About It—In case you missed the Alumni Reunion panel presentation of Director of the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government Graham Allison ’62 and former U.S. Senator Wyche Fowler ’62, in conversation with Davidson’s own Brown Professor and Chair of Political Science Shelley Rigger, their classmate Dr. Robert H. Moore ’62 wrote an op-ed piece on the talk in the Beaufort Tribune, “Terrorism and Nuclear Proliferation.” “The Beaufort Tribune is published by another of our classmates, George Trask,” notes Moore, “so it is a Davidson trifecta.”

Ahoy, Matey!Bobby Mohr ’09 was driving the underwater robots during a recent NOAA shipwreck discovery in the Gulf of Mexico, reports Caitlin McCarville ’10. See Today Show coverage.

• Arts and Architecture—Matthew Griffith ’96 reports that his architecture firm, in situ studio, has been named one of the 15 young firms to watch in North America by Residential Architect magazine. In other “people to watch” news, John MacMahon ’95 was named one of “50 under 50 -  the most exciting young collectors worldwide” by Modern Painters magazine.

Stay tuned for more alumni news, coming soon to a Daybook blogpost near you!

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