A Davidson Gentleman Needs No Introduction. Ladies, Too!

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Anatomically close but no cigar

The new Davidson College Store at the corner of Main and Depot is piling high with books and merchandise arriving in transit from the former location in Alvarez College Union.

There’s a homepage story with full details to come, but I couldn’t help noticing this morning that the mannequins are already, well, ready.

A beat cop who shall remain nameless refused, categorically refused, to lend me any part of his uniform for the photo shoot, so it is what it is.

Word on the brick sidewalk is that there was some harumphing in last evening’s town planning meeting over this Main Street display of nekkidness. Au contraire, I say, it’s au naturel! Or as naturel as an injection-molded plastic mannequin is likely to be…

Wildcats on display: Rowrrr!

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