’Tis the Season: Davidson in Washington 2012, and Vice Versa

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As the Class of 2016 prepares to thunder toward campus tomorrow, and the Democratic National Convention prepares to thunder toward the Greater Davidson Metropolitan Area Sept. 2-6, it is worth noting one of the strongest perennial links between Davidson College and the nation’s capital, the department of political  Davidson in Washington summer program. This year, Charles A. Dana Professor of Political Science the inimitable Lou Ortmayer directed the trip. His reputation for staying in close touch with former students preceded him, and students on the 2012 trip benefited.

“Every one of our guest speakers this year was an alumnus,” Lou said proudly when I swung by his office for details. “I’ve been here a long time [1977], and there are a lot of interesting Davidson people in D.C. doing interesting things.”

Talking with Lou is like drinking from the firehose of Davidson alumni connections in Washington.  Here are a few, the list of guest alumni speakers on “Topics in U.S. National Security” from whom current Davidson students learned while in D.C. on their internships on Capitol Hill, at the Department of State, at think tanks and political action committees.

Laura Malenas ’93, foreign service officer at State, stationed in Muscat, Oman; Chris Hallett ’05, foreign service officer at State, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; Eric Rosenbach ’95, deputy assistant secretary for cyber policy, Departement of Defense; Matt Pettit ’08, desk officer for Djibouti, Eritrea, Somalia, Department of State; Capt. Jane Campbell ’87, U.S. Navy/Department of Defense spokesperson; Ken Krieg ’83, former Undersecretary of Defense; Mark Sandy ’87, OMB/The White House; and Bryce Jones ’11 (Georgetown U.), Jamie Watson ’11 (medical think tank) and Mike Jusewicz ’10 (Defense) on “Preparing for Washington.”

Washington and Davidson are preparing for each other, too. Heads up: Keep an eye on the Davidson homepage news tab in the next day or so for breaking news on two big campus events during DNC days….

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