Setting a Salvation Army Example Since 1954: Harry V. Lamon’s Award a Timely Christmas Reminder of What’s Important

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Salvation Army bell ringers outside the grocery store are a welcome sight for me at Christmastime, now. They used to make me uncomfortable. Even though I was happy to give, I didn’t always have a right amount every time, or feel like it every time (I go to the grocery store a lot), and I felt embarrassed walking past and making eye contact or saying Merry Christmas without putting something in.

How silly.

As I lived on, I met people who had been helped directly by The Salvation Army, and over time some of them have offered me the help, in turn, of their friendship and support. I have come more and more to value and respect the basic, unadulterated simplicity of The Salvation Army’s help offered—to anyone in need, regardless of anything beyond that need. Onward Christian soldiers, in the best way!

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Harry V. Lamon, Jr. ’54 has long valued and respected—and supported—the work of the Salvation Army. This year, he became the first Southern Territory winner in over 20 years of The Salvation Army’s Order of Distinguished Auxiliary Service. To date in the United States, fewer than 100 recipients have been so honored.

Harry, an attorney, joined the Metro Atlanta Advisory Board in 1964 and has been going strong ever since, as summed up in the citation: “Due to Harry’s deddication and commitment to the Atlanta community and beyond, at-risk boys and girls are able to enjoy a safe place to play and learn leadership skills, struggling young families have a roof over their heads at night, and Salvation Army Cadets (Officers in training) are able to become equipped to begin their life’s ministry in service to others.”

Congratulations, Harry, and Merry Christmas to you and  yours! I’ll drop an extra buck or three in your honor in the kettle at the Davidson Harris-Teeter next time I pause to greet the bell-ringer there.


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