Happy Spring Semester 2013! Humes on Ovid, Curly on Robert, ACUI on Alvarez

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“Imaginary depiction of Ovid,” per Google Images.

I celebrated the first day of classes yesterday by attending Professor and Chair of Education Rick Gay’s inaugural 2013 Humanities lecture on Ovid in Hance Auditorium—aka Perkins for you long-timers like me. Yes, it was in 1981 that I attended my first-ever Humes lecture in very nearly the same seat, only harder. Hance has had a major facelift, with cushiony seats now and multimedia, the works. Ol’ Ovid looks about the same, and still with the pithy “art of love” nuggets. My favorite, and a crowd-pleaser amongst the freshmen all around: “If you have bad breath, don’t talk.” Nyuk!


Day Two of the semester, today at lunch I celebrated by firing up my spiffy new laptop at one of Robert Whitton‘s favorite “office” tables at the Union Cafe. It still seems empty to me since Robert left us little more than a year ago, and I guess it always will seem a bit so to many of us, even when the union is as full of life and loud with laughter as it was today, which Robert loved even more than the Three Stooges. Nyuk, nyuk!

This newest of Davidson semesters rolls in with props to the life breathed daily into the Alvarez College Union, by its sterling staff and inimitable Union Board. The Association of College Unions International features Davidson front and center in the current issue of its magazine, in a story by Marsha Herman-Betzen. Check it out!

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