Mark Your Calendar with Exclamation Points! Campus Events Spring Forward with a World of Possibilities

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The first day of classes after spring break can feel a tad sluggish for students, and the rest of us, as we hitch up our bloomers and look down the final stretch of the semester. Subtract an hour of sleep for Daylight Savings Time lag, and even more coffee may be desired….

Well, not this particular Monday, when all that’s required is exclamation points. Today, both men’s and women’s Wildcat hoopsters are playing Southern Conference championship games in Asheville! Here we go, Wildcats, here we go!

But wait! That’s not all with the exclamation points! People, get ready! It’s the Davidson College Campus Calendar, offering a panoply of possibilities, some things old, some things new, something for everybody on Earth and then some.

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Out of This World—It’s been a treat to converse by e-mail with Statesville native and Davidson Wildcat astronaut Tom Marshburn, M.D. ’82, who is on a five-month deployment to the International Space Station. I’ve even waved to him as he and his crewmates flashed across the twilit Mooresville sky one recent evening. Sign up here for NASA Spot the Station alerts. And this just in: Next month, Tom will converse directly with Davidsonians in a live downlink from the International Space Station on the afternoon of Friday, April 12 between 2:30 and 4:30 p.m. EDT. Mark your calendar now and full details TBA.

Soul Writing—The word “soul” feels rare these days. But it is perhaps the single perfect word to call a reader’s attention into Soul of a People: The WPA Writers’ Project Uncovers Depression America by David A. Taylor ’83, currently featured on the Davidson College Online Book Club. Get a copy today and begin reading—and watch the Smithsonian Channel documentary, also linked at the book club page. Mark your calendar for a campus-based event on this one, too: David will join us online at the book club page for discussion Wednesday through Saturday, April 17–20, 2013!

This Week—Taking a look at our regularly scheduled calendar just for this week, I spy a Libertarian lecture on Wednesday, a clarinet recital Thursday and a lunchtime Musical Interludes concert on Friday. Also, Friday and Saturday men’s baseball, Saturday women’s tennis and a Sunday afternoon classical music concert.

Next week—Guys and Dolls opens, men wrestle, art opens at the Van Every/Smith Galleries, Passion Pit plays Belk Arena, and on and on.

Remember to check back early and often at the Davidson College Campus Calendar!

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