Get Fired Up! Davidson Wildcat VIDEOS and links


In the spirit of getting fired up for today’s Southern Conference finals for the women’s and men’s Wildcat basketball games in Asheville at 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. respectively (ESPN 3), I bring you this direct quote with video linkage from the pixillated ethers of College Relations, courtesy of my friend and colleague Susan Cooke, director of research:

All – As we cheer on our 2013 basketball teams this week, I thought I’d share two classic videos from a few years ago – the first features members of the 2008 basketball team and members of The Davidson Show….  I THINK you’ll be able to tell which are the basketball players and which are the comedians.  
The second is the I Love Commons video that went viral a few years ago – also featuring our 2008 basketball players.
For the latest up-to-date info on today’s championships visit and Go ’Cats!

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