Big Bin Strikes 11th Hour for Acceptance Letters: Coming Soon to a Mailbox Near You?

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My mailroom buddy Allen Sherrill was rolling a big bin of envelopes into the union as I was leaving the fitness center today. It was heavy, very heavy. It was so heavy it rumpled the rug. Stacks of smaller-bins of mail within the large rolling bin teetered and tottered as he made his way to the elevator. “It’s the class of 2017!” Allen crowed. I followed him and got this cellphone shot of him goofing atop the voluminous pile. The green sheets say “Hold til 3 p.m.” That, we decided, is in case some harried admission officer needed to dash across campus and snatch something back, or switch which bin it was in. A few of the red cards on the small bins of business-sized envelopes had words like “Deep Wait” and “Deny.” But, oh, those bins of large, flat envelopes headed out around the nation and the world with their color glossy admission packets and their ecru bar-and-diamond stationery upon which is printed a sentiment doubtless commencing, “Congratulations!”—oh, those? Well, we’ll be seeing a scientifically and artistically well-honed percentage of those letters’ recipients on campus next year. Welcome in advance, Class of 2017!

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