WDAV Soothes the Savage Beasts Dodger and Boudreaux


[UPDATE 3/26/10, 13:06—WDAV has surpassed its all-time record-breaking goal, at $200,507, as well as records in number of gifts and in new members!]

I helped urn almost 2 hunnert tousand dollers for WDAV. Me and my kat Boudreaux even gived them $25 of our kibble kitty, sence we lissen all day while Him is at work, but they still needs a little bit more to make all their fund drive gold. The cookie lady at WDAV said her books will be open online til midnight tonight. Donate now! Classical music helps me and Boudreaux nap in the sunshine. Tank ewe!

Camera-shy Dodger and Him ’85

  1. Lisa Gray
    Lisa Gray03-26-2010

    Lovely having you in Yon Phone Room this morning, Dodger. Visit anytime with Pal Boudreaux or Pet Syme!

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