The Big Bang Theory in Practice: Nothing Could Be Finer Than a Pingpong Ball Cannon in the Morning


We talk a lot about the power of place around here, and what that means at Davidson in 2013. Right now it means green, green grass and cool, clear spring days of blooming azaleas and dogwoods on a rising tide of exam-time hysterics….

Yesterday as I pedaled across campus, I heard a massive boom and spied a big white cloud over by the flagpole at Chambers—exploding nitrogen gas and ping-pong balls, it turns out, courtesy of the Society of Physics Students. Davidson physics students, constant readers will recall, founded the national physics honor society Sigma Pi Sigma in 1928. Today, they were just blowing stuff up. Bazinga! Click to enlarge photos, courtesy of moi-même and Professors of Physics Mario Belloni and Tim Gfroerer.

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