Glad You Asked: “Now You See It” Author Cathy Davidson to Speak Thursday, May 2 at Common Hour

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At first glance, the term “digital studies” strikes my workaday intellect the same way as, for instance, “interdisciplinary studies.” That is to say that my first glance is askance. Really, aren’t most things “digital” at some point anymore? And doesn’t, you know, everything eventually tip into interdisciplinarity if you push hard enough? Well, just so, yes and no, it’s complicated, and glad you asked.

It turns out that some of the inherent complexities of ideas and knowledge circa 2013—meta-ideas, and thoughts between thoughts about meta-ideas!—are now inviting, even demanding systematic exploration in their own right. Happily, that’s what we do here at Davidson College, just this kind of fast-moving critical analysis of the human condition on the vast, unfurling canvas of the liberal arts and sciences. This week, guest lecturer Cathy Davidson will give a talk on Thursday, May 2, at 11:05 in the C. Shaw Smith Room of the Alvarez College Union, “Now You See It: Changing Higher Education to Change the World.” The lecture is free and open to the public.

Davidson is the author of Now You See It:  How Technology and Brain Science Will Transform Schools and Business for the 21st Century, and has published over twenty books on technology, education, and the history of reading, writing, and printing. “Starts where Malcolm Gladwell leaves off, showing how digital information will change our brains. We need this book,” blurbed  Daniel Levitin, author of his own New York Times bestseller, This Is Your Brain on Music.

There is an ever-emerging body of academic thought and knowledge surrounding all that might be termed “digital studies.” More on that as it continues to develop at Davidson College, but suffice here to say that Cathy Davidson is a luminary in the field, and one who promises an intriguing hour filled with food for thought—at “first glance” and far beyond!



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