T-shirt Contest + Curry Classic Celebrity Golf Tournament Pics

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Daybook Davidson played with the paparazzi at River Run Golf Course this muggy Monday morning, for a good cause: The Curry Classic Celebrity Golf Tournament, with Wildcat/Warrior Steph and his dad Dell and friends having a blast in support of the Ada Jenkins Center—to the tune of $70,000! How sweet that is for the center, a perennial beneficiary of Davidson students’ work through the Center for Civic Engagement. Steph said he was impressed with the work at “Ada” as a Davidson College student, and it remains a cause close to his heart.

In a pre-tourney interview, he added that he was glad the Curry Classic tournament got scheduled on the front end of his very full summer off-season: “You feel like you have a lot of time, but you start committing to activities and opportunities and it really flies by. “You’ve got to have fun, and it’s a challenge to balance it all out.”

Davidson’s recent jump to the Atlantic 10 Conference also came up in a pre-tourney media moment: “It’s a big step,” Steph told the cameras. “So-Con was great, but the A-10 is a great opportunity. I’m happy for Coach McKillop and for the whole program and for the whole school.”

Daybook and fellow staffer Anna Prushinski got to meet Steph’s better half Ayesha, too, standing gracefully by two orange juices, two bananas and two donuts perched precariously on a clubhouse railing as she glanced around for Steph. “Just so you know, both of the donuts are mine,” she said with a smile sweet as Krispy Kreme glaze. We moved away from the donuts to go score Curry Classic Celebrity golf shirts: classy, crisp white numbers with a tastefully embroidered logo that we badgered a volunteer to “sell” to us in exchange for a donation to Ada Jenkins.

In the spirit of paying it even further forward, and in honor of two of Steph’s top stated causes of choice—Ada Jenkins and educational scholarships—Daybook will offer a size L to the highest bidder, with 100 percent of proceeds to be divided evenly between Ada Jenkins Center and The Davidson Trust. Pass it on! Bidding starts at $25 and ends Friday, June 21 at noon, at which time Daybook will announce a winner at the top of a chronological list of all bidders. Contact Daybook by Facebook page or e-mail (josyme at davidson.edu). Honor Code-pledged.


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