UPDATED—Spotted Fundraisers, Noon Deadline: Will Work for Fresh Bagels



Updated 2218 EST

As of 9:29 pm, we are 104 folks away from our 1,000 Challenge donor goal. 

Updated 1400 EST:

Wow Davidson!

We are overwhelmed by the response to the Challenge – 562 donors have made a gift, securing the four $25,000 Davidson Trust scholarships!

But wait! There is more…

The anonymous challengers are so impressed and inspired by the response, they have promised an additional two $25,000 Davidson Trust scholarships if we secure 500 more donors by end of today.

Total award for the Challenge: 1,000 donors in 24 hours = $150,000 Davidson Trust scholarship dollars for members of the Class of 2017. 

The stakes are high; make your gift today!

Original post: This morning on my bike ride back to ye olde Julia Johnston House office after breakfast in the Union, I spotted an excited klatch of fundraisers milling about in their natural habitat, the sidewalks of Main Street. They said we need 500 donors of any size gift by noon today to meet our current challenge. Now, I’m all excited, too! Davidson, after all, is tops nationally in alumni giving, and we want to keep it that way.

I want to do my small part, so I personally commit here to buy one hard-working fundraiser a bagel tomorrow for every 1985 classmate of mine who donates by noon today.

Make a pay-it-forward mini-challenge for your own class, it’s fun for the whole Davidson family!

Click now, operators are standing by!

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