Reports of Death of Liberal Arts Greatly Exaggerated



As I am working on a story about the value of a liberal arts education in today’s employment culture (dba “the job market), the contribution of Rachel Knox ’93 to this Wall Street Journal exchange of ideas about the state of the liberal arts and humanities caught my eye. Thanks, Rachel, I needed that!

So now I’m all curious about what experiences and perspectives other alumni of all ages and majors might share about the value of their Davidson education in the workplace.

What was your major? How does it relate directly to your career, or not? Indirectly? More broadly, how has your overall liberal arts perspective come to bear in your work life since graduation? In other words, discuss the history of the wide world in the context of your own large life. Be brief, concise and specific. Give three examples. Begin.

Seriously. I want to know.

Extra credit: Why do we call it the “liberal arts”?

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