Herb Jackson Signature Series “Veronica’s Veils” in New York

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Professor of Art Emeritus Herb Jackson checks in from the Big Apple, where his show at Claire Oliver Gallery wraps up this weekend.

Click for video.

“Herb Jackson began his series Veronica’s Veils in 1980 as a way to create a new space in which he could explore the enigmatical nature of the moment when a painting attains a life of its own,” ODelle Abney writes on the gallery’s Web site. “33 years and 223 paintings later, the exhibition Veils: new paintings from the artists ongoing exploration, continues the Artist’s quest to create his own language of space

“Herb Jackson’s paintings are pigment mixed with pumice, built up thin layer upon thin layer which he scrapes off and smoothes as the medium is being applied. Shapes, marks and topography come and go as the Artist engages the paint; gouging, scraping and excavating each consecutive stratum with whatever tool is dictated be it knife, fingernail or even dental tool. For Jackson, the work is a process not dissimilar to experiencing a long life, slowly evolving and revealing itself, much in the same way that our environment changes over time.”

Visit the artist’s page on the gallery site.

Watch video of the exhibition.

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