Harry Potter and the Commons of Vail: “There’s Always a Feast Going On!”


In less than 24 hours at Vail Commons, the public is invited to enjoy a magically creative Hogwarts feast, courtesy of the culinary team that provoked the “I Love Commons” YouTube video several years ago.

Tomorrow’s special cook du jour is Holly Tompkins.

“I grew up reading all of the books and think I’ve been to every midnight showing of the movies since they started having them,” Tompkins said, taking a short break from chopping potatoes Wednesday afternoon.

Cooks at Vail Commons are encouraged to bring their creativity to the table—and the chopping board and the stovetop and the oven and the express line and the pizza bar and the sandwich bar and the du jour grill—so it was a natural for Tompkins to adapt her love of food in the Harry Potter books to Commons: “There’s always a feast going on!”

Doors open at 5 p.m.. Price: $12.75 adults, $6.40 children. For more information, call Dining Services Director Dee Phillips at 704-894-2076.

Expecto patronum and bon appétit!


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