Civil Political Discourse Gets a Boost on Davidson Campus


Civic discourse is not always civil, but four North Carolina legislators showed it is possible in a panel discussion in the C. Shaw Smith 900 Room last Monday.

Student Government Association President Chris Ragsdale and Associate Professor of Political Science Susan Roberts set a friendly, welcoming tone for the Q&A session with the four, three of whom are alumni: Senator Daniel Clodfelter ’72 (D), Senator Fletcher Hartsell ’69 (R), Representative Grier Martin ’91 (D) and Senator Jeff Tarte (R) in discussing β€œThe Changing State of North Carolina.”

Though clearly disagreeing with one another early and often on the topics that the student-generated questions brought up, the four kept civil tongues in their heads as they talked about Moral Mondays, voting rights, education budgets, grading the governor, gun control, same-sex marriage and tax reform. It is perhaps worth noting, in light of recent high dudgeon in Raleigh on these topics and others, that a campus police officer stood quietly in the back throughout….

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