• “Alenda Links” Across the Land


    This just in: Now, there is an easier way—easier and more precise than Facebook—for Davidson alumni to find each other. It’s Alenda Links, a password-protected online community with directory info on 19,000+ alumni and privacy settings controlled by the individual.

    Consider that the pushpins below represent some of the 19,000. As I drive across the country on my summer vacation, I can pull into a town, type the name of the town into Alenda Links, and come up with a list of Davidson contacts there. So, who wants to go for coffee?

  • Prelude


    In the summer of 1989, at age 26 with six-pack abs and a
    flattop haircut, I quit my North Carolina newspaper job to drive 14,000
    miles in three months around the United States of America in my trusty, rusty
    1967 Mercury Comet Caliente convertible with a tent in the trunk. Ever since
    then, I have been sorry I did not brave a two-state detour one hot
    June day on the way to L.A., to go see the Grand Canyon. I was 800 miles late for a
    cat-sitting date in the City of Angels and still had to make my way across the Mojave

    James Dean wannabe, ca. 1989

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  • Vroom, Vroom

    It is funny to me how priorities change when long absences loom. Vacuuming my floor—MY floor, see?—is usually one of the main claims on control that I exert when the world is not behaving according to my specifications. So I vaccum a lot. Vroom, vroom, take that! But today, as I prepare to turn deadbolt and ignition switch for six weeks away from my wee, humdrum specifications, the floor is nasty. And that is fine by me.
    On the other hand, it became paramount this week to scatter the cat’s ashes before I left. So, last Sunday, I sat on a little bridge over a little creek and had a little cry. Dodger was no comfort atall. That’s okay, he’s just not that way. He’s this way:
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  • Go West, Old Car, Go West!


    What would we do without our cars and our computers?

    I do not want to find out the answer to that question in the middle of some godforsaken southwestern desert 2,000 miles from home. So, with the expertise of Ray Fichthorn of Ray-Lyn Restoration and the help of Davidson IT colleagues, I have been shoring up my Comet and my MacBook for a safe and productive trip….

    1967 Mercury Comet Caliente
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