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TOOT, TOOT! Will Work for Annual Fund Donation: Feeding the Hand that Feeds Me


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Okay, I made my Annual Fund gift early, to help meet the current five-day, $300,000 challenge. Sometimes I dilly-dally until June 30 just to see my collegial friends the fundraisers sweat (they’re even more highstrung than I am, come June), but since we have our division retreat tomorrow, I figured it could behoove me to play nice and give early and, what the heck, give the ol’ fundraising horn a toot to boot.

I’ll keep to myself the exact breakdown of my quite modest gift (“It’s about participation!” R Me), except to admit I parceled a bit to the unrestricted fund, which I think pays my salary, and then to say that I designated the lion’s share to The Davidson Trust. I know these kids. I love these kids. I see every day how the Trust benefits them, benefits all Davidson students from every background, and thus benefits this school we all love, have loved, or will love, from oldest alumnus to the undecided prospect who will be here Friday for Decision Davidson.

After four years as a student and nearly 12 as a staffer, I can tell you Davidson is the same in all the important ways and changing fast in all the important ways. Nobody knows exactly what that will mean tomorrow, but what a great base of operations and touchstone for us all.

Be part of.

A Record-Breaking Year at the Annual Fund!


The newsroom is abuzz with this bulletin of the morning (click to enlarge):

My colleague, crack investigative reporter and photojournalist Bill Giduz ’74, rated the assignment to interview a few of the many men and women who made it all happen. If you’re one of the many who contributed a gift of any size to this Herculean demonstration of loyalty to alma mater, thank you! It’s a Great Day to Be a Wildcat! Watch for details soon.