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O Happy Gays! Davidson’s Gay-Straight Alliance Celebrates End of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” with Barbequeer for All


We're gonna party like it's 2011!

Today’s end of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” marks the full and complete end of the ban on gays in the military. It is news that is making headlines today, and will make history tomorrow.

As for this afternoon, Dodger and I will help mark the historic occasion at the Gay-Straight Alliance’s annual Bar-Be-Queer, timed to coincide with the official end of the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell ban. Woo hoo! Nobody knows how to throw a smart party like Davidson gays, straights, and allies do! [Click'n'scroll for previous posts.]

Party mode duly acknowledged, I must opine that I still have concerns for all “sides” of the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell issue on just how it will all turn out. I’ve never been a very good single-issue campaigner, and still get decidedly tangled up in the societal implications of the end of this transitional policy, or Lord help us, gay marriage. But then, I’ve never served in the military or in a marriage, either, and one never really knows how it will all turn out, does one?

Barbequeer for all!

The bottom line is that as more and more people—from your own grandma’s good-hearted church circle of girlfriends, all the way beyond the pale up to and including reactionary talking-head political gasbags—as more and more people everywhere come to know and love an openly gay person, the more acceptable it will be to be openly gay, legally and everyotherwise.

All we gays have to do is get out there, to our own degree, and be wholly ourselves. And now, to quote Brother Boy in Sordid Lives, “If you’ll excuse us, we’ve got a show to do!”

National Coming Out Day, Under the American Flag


In light of grim national news about gay students in America, it was heartening to see Davidson’s Gay-Straight Alliance gathering the strength of the entire campus community today around the idea not just of tolerance, or even acceptance, but celebration in diversity. I spent 10 minutes chatting and taking pictures of (right of the table, l-r) Hailey Szymczak ’11, William Koster ’12, and Claire Ittner ’13, who were on duty at a GSA banner-signing by the flagpole. A broad cross-section of the student body stopped to lend support to the cause. Only one said no outright. Mohammed Egal ’13 was nearly late to class, but he made time to wield a Sharpie® and summed up, “If you’re open-minded, you’ll sign this.” I did, too, with a different rainbow color for every letter in my name. Ta da! I didn’t have time to get all the students’ names for photo IDs, but the fifth photo in the group is my erstwhile schoolmate, collegial buddy and College Chaplain Rob Spach ’84. The banner will hang in the Union in time for Wednesday’s Barbequeer at 4:30, a free dinner for all sponsored by GSA. Live out loud, everybody, whoever you are!