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Off the Wire—Updates from Presstime, Davidson Journal


The news never sleeps.

At Davidson Journal press time, stories were breaking all around campus and rippling outward. And, stories were breaking all around the world and rippling inward.

In December and January in Tunisia, events leading up to the Jasmine Revolution and the ouster of Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali focused attention on the hot-off-the-presses book Tunisia: Stability and Reform in the Modern Maghreb by Chris Alexander, McGee Director of the Dean Rusk International Studies Program, associate professor of political science and associate dean for international programs. That’s a mouthful. But just so: Alexander said he was “drinking from the fire hose” for a few weeks there, giving interviews to global news outlets, traveling to Washington, D.C. for briefings with government and military personnel, and writing articles for Foreign Policy magazine.

In February in the C. Shaw Smith 900 Room, Syrian Ambassador Imad Moustapha spoke on “Prospects for Peace in the Middle East.”

“He was a wonderful speaker,” said Alexander, who was Moustapha’s campus host. “His own interdisciplinary curiosity and cosmopolitan background was a good fit for the liberal arts in general and for his Davidson audience in particular. The 900 Room was packed, and the audience clearly appreciated Moustapha’s unvarnished perspectives. The question-and-answer session was very lively!”

Soon after the ambassador’s visit, final i’s were dotted and t’s crossed on the college’s plans for a new international study program, Davidson in Syria, set to begin in Spring 2012.

Meanwhile, Egypt’s historic period of unrest in January and February forced two Davidson students to flee that country.

To see and hear more Online Extras for stories in the Spring 2011 edition of the Davidson Journal, visit the Davidson Journal Online.



Remember the FREE Davidson Journal mug contest from last spring? Refresh your memory here, and be sure to read the comments section for the winners’ entries. Jim Dickson ’09, Paul Van Peursem ’13, Associate Professor of Religion Lynn Poland, Kevin Gaunt ’98, Joe Clark ’77, Fran King, and Rob McCormick ’85, please send me an e-mail to verify your preferred mailing address and I’ll get your mugs out to you!

Ready for its closeup: A vintage Davidson Journal mug poses on Main Street in a penultimate photo shoot for the Mugshot Contest column of the pre-redesigned Davidson Journal, Summer 2009.

The New Davidson Journal: In Mailboxes and Inboxes Now!


A fantastic editorial and graphic design team has put heart and soul these recent months into finding the best ways for Davidson’s flagship magazine to evolve. And as soon as the redesigned magazine went to the printer, Web Editor Paige Herman magicked an online Davidson Journal to the screen in front of you now, like a beautiful, big ol’ brooch. The online version and the print version are not wholly identical, but they are wholly complementary in telling the Davidson story, with purpose, flair and fun. As Davidson Journal Editor Meg Kimmel ’77, writes in her column: “The Davidson Journal allows us to choose stories we think you should see, tell them thoughtfully in words and images, and guide you through them. We consider and fret and debate and create; we write and design and edit and discard. We tilt our heads this way and that, until we call it good. And then we send it off to you, a gift from Davidson.” Open it, open it!

Spring Tease: All That’s Old Is New Again—And Then Some


Spring hasn’t sprung in Davidson yet, but you can feel it about to. Dodger made joyful noises on our morning walk, for it is the season of young squirrels, so adorable and innocent and slow of reflex. Later, full of breakfast on our way to Camp Wagging Tails, we popped the top of the road-trippin’ Wildcat Comet, windows up, heater and radio blasting away the last of a cold, wet winter. Then, coming back up Main Street toward the office, I passed WDAV‘s Jennifer Bangley Foster ’92, headed south. She trilled raucously out her car window at me. Jennifer is probably the only person I know who can trill raucously. I honked approval. Finally, as I drove through downtown and campus—past Raeford’s Barbershop, Summit Coffee, ’Cats on Main, DCPC, Eu Hall, Cunningham Theatre Center, and northward to Julia Johnston—the full weight of what God’s green earth is preparing to bring forth for us lucky Davidson denizens hit me like the ton of tulip bulbs planted around Grey Admission Building.

Grey House last spring—or was it the one before?—courtesy of campus news guy and ubiquitous college photographer Bill Giduz ’74. Check out his current work in the Web feature Davidson News Illustrated.

The lands of the Revolutionary War General William Lee Davidson clan are not the only thing bursting forth with new growth around here. The college’s flagship publication, the Davidson Journal, has a fresh new look, too, months in the making. If you haven’t already gotten one in your mailbox, you will very, very soon. Like, go check right now. (Ex-pats, too!)

Corollary goings-on from the College Communications Office include—drum roll, please!—an online version of the magazine. Next Daybook….