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Professor Alexander Contributes Chapter to Interactive Book to Help Laypersons Decipher Middle East Politics


Do you get confused and exasperated and want to just throw up your hands every time you flip on the NPR and have to listen to the human condition hatin’ on itself on the other side of the world (let alone on this side of it), without understanding fully why? If you do, this breaking-book-news alert from Christopher C. Alexander, Davidson’s associate dean for international programs, McGee Director of the Dean Rusk International Studies Program and professor of Political Science might be of service. An online version of the book promises to be a work in progress! Like the human condition….


Attached is a link to a new publication (both web and hard copy) that came out today.  It is a primer on Islamist movements in several Middle Eastern and North African countries.  It was organized by Robin Wright and the Woodrow Wilson Center.  Robin modeled it on her very successful Iran project.  Full disclosure:  I wrote the Tunisia chapter.

The website contains the full text of the book.  It is intended to be very user-friendly and open for posts so that it can be an ongoing resource for people interested in keeping up with developments related to Islamist parties/movements.  It is intended for lay audiences, including students.



Prost! for Pross, Cheers for Global Energy, and All Hail Host Families


Of all the times I’ve sped to and from Charlotte-Douglas International Airport with Dodger breathing down the neck of my German international host student Christoph Pross ’10, it figures the one day I would be late was Saturday. First day of spring, gorgeous on the lake—and traffic backed up on I-77. All those semi-clad boaters make the truckers gawk like a Tex Avery wolf cartoon, which spells trouble. I have seen a double-digit, Sunday-morning pileup from my balcony. Anyway, on Saturday, I was only about 15 minutes late for Christoph’s flight from Frankfurt, and we made it back to Davidson in record time for him to blast in to Saturday’s capstone student conference dinner banquet of the year-long 2009–10 Bank of America Lecture Series. Whew.

(front) "Run, Christoph, run!" En rapid route from airport to the conference, via a quick pit stop at senior apartments; (background) "Squirrel!"

The lecture series is a huge, huge deal of the Dean Rusk International Studies Program, and one that Christoph has been working on heart and soul for roughly half his Davidson career. But wait, that’s not all! What, you might ask, was he doing in Germany on the eve of this huge, huge deal? Well, he was interviewing for a huge, huge German scholarship to pay for graduate school at the London School of Economics, where he was recently accepted. We went to Outback that night, absolutely, for steaks with lobster sauce, mmm. But wait, even that’s not all: Tomorrow, I get to accompany Christoph to the Phi Beta Kappa (!) banquet, along with his host family from a high-school gap year in Nashville—none other than Newt ’82 and Burkley ’80 Mann Allen, who are the parents of Sarah ’08, who is the special friend of my former officemate Adam Martin ’07. It is close-knit thing, the Davidson family. And the kids, they grow up so fast….

The friendships I made with my own host family (JYA France, 1983-84) have endured to this day. I’m glad to know Davidson returns that kind of lifelong favor with a host family program for internationals on this end. And Christoph? Keep having fun keeping up the great work. Someday, somewhere, in London or Berlin or some other farflung destination life unfolds for you, I’ll show up when you least expect it. We’ll go for steaks. Meanwhile, Prost!