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Leaving Brokedown Mountain


George up at Long Trail Auto called at 9 on Friday morning to say the car was fixed, so we had to leave the Holman/MacGarvey compound. I sadly left my hammock. It was a swell stay with grand folks in an idyllic spot, and a plethora, nay a myriad plethora of happy laughs. Southerners got no lock on hospitality, and God’s country is what you make it. A big, big, BIG thank you to the Holman/MacGarvey clan for going the extra mile, fun and funny Steve Holman ’78, lovely and talented (and funny) Georgine MacGarvey, and their two fine sons Jeff and Brett.

Steve's custom furniture workshop sports a green roof with solar panels.

The view from Georgine's art studio.

Brokedown Mountain


Dorset, Vermont. Yesterday a lovely evening with the wonderful Steve Holman ’78 and Georgine MacGarvey, artists of custom furniture, painting, architecture, landscape, and life in general, including sons Jeff and Brett. Here, they pose with their own personal, garden-variety Venus de Milo as Peter and I prepare to wend our way southward:

And then, moments later, Steve calls AAA because my car won’t start, even after I tried to repair it with steel wool:

Now, the tow truck is on the way, and Steve and Georgine are fixing lunch. Did I mention how wonderful they are?