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A School Grows in Brooklyn: ‘Saw 6’ v. Barnes & Noble


I’ve been following the progress of Tim Saintsing ’98 in his work at an inspiring Wildcat alumni outpost he’s created within Excellence Boys Charter School of Bedford Stuyvesant, a New York City public school that prepares young boys to enter, succeed in, and graduate from college. Tim’s professional bio put him on track to be smack in the middle of where he’s clearly supposed to be right now—a co-director’s office and a classroom at Excellence Boys, to which he has lent an unmistakable Wildcat roar:

The Davidson classroom during Morning Meeting. Notice the Wildcat and Wildcat paw—and that's Tim's diploma up in the right-hand corner.

So all together now: A big Wildcat shout-out from the Daybook Davidson blog to all the Excellence Boys, and especially to the scholars in the Davidson Classroom! We of your namesake college are super proud of your hard work, and hope you can come visit us someday!

Honestly, if these young men are half as keen for education as Tim, they’ll set the world on fire. How can anyone resist the kind of enthusiasm that shows through in this e-mail from Tim to Darrell Scott ’10, president of the Black Student Coalition on campus, which has adopted Excellence Boys as pen pals:

Darrell, My man, the BSC’s pen pal letters to the boys of Davidson arrived this afternoon after dismissal. And they’re being distributed in the boys’ classroom mailboxes tonight. The boys will see them in their mailboxes when they come into the classroom at 7:15 AM, but they won’t be able to open the letters until the end of the day during their Choice Activity time. These boys will be so anxious and excited ALL DAY about reading these letters tomorrow afternoon. The anticipation is like Christmas Eve, a birthday party, and a sleepover all rolled into one. You have no idea how much this will mean to them. No idea. Rest assured: You will be getting responses soon. In the meantime, your efforts on behalf of the scholars of the Davidson classroom have just made the months of these boys. We’ll catch up soon…. Hope all’s good. Tim

Or this one, cc’ed to campus offices that sent sundry Davidsoniana to Excellence Boys Charter School:

President Ross, Your generosity means a lot to me, but it means the world to my boys…. One quick story for you to see what I mean: I had a mom a few Saturdays ago call me at 3:30 in the afternoon. She had taken seven of our rising 5th Grade boys, as a celebration for doing well on their State English and Math Exams, to see “any movie they wanted to see that was playing at the Brooklyn theater.” And while they were standing on the street, staring at the marquee, one of the boys spotted the Barnes & Noble three doors down. And he said, “Hey, let’s not go to the movies, let’s go read at Barnes & Noble.” After a quick, unanimous decision, they headed to the bookstore. And from the second floor stacks came the call from the mom, who said, “Mr. Saintsing, I don’t know what kind of school you’re trying to build, but you’ve got seven 4th Grade boys from BedStuy, Brooklyn on a Saturday afternoon deciding not to go see ‘Saw 6’ to spend three hours reading in Barnes & Noble.”… So if free stadium cups can motivate, if your magnets and ties can push, send them on!… Thanks again. Means a lot. Take care of Davidson, a place that I love so much. Tim

All hail all Davidson classrooms, wherever they may be!