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What’s On Your Radio or iPod? WDAV!


WDAV is going great guns these days on airwaves traditional and HD, by podcast and live broadcast. They’re even piping their mellifluous tones through tastefully understated (subtle, yet bold) front porch speakers at their Main Street studios in the Samuel W. Newell Building, complete with its full, spacious, shiny kitchen. The Samuel W. Newell Building is located right next door to my humble work abode in the Julia Johnston House, with its tiny, groaning, back-porch sink and Jackson Pollock microwave. Not that I’m bitter. Love my job, and the kitchen sink, too. Anyway, the technical talents of the WDAV team in 2010 are matched only by the passion they bring to the music they muse upon and share so thoughtfully and graciously with the rest of us. Their digs and their presence in radioland represents an apogee of a beautiful 30-year arc of growth from the station’s happy, humble beginnings in the basement of the college union, now appropriately enough the college’s Sloan Music Center. Today, I listen while I work, and you can, too. Just click “Listen Live” at the top of their homepage:

This month, the station marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of “The Poet of the Piano,” Fryderyk Chopin with special programs, including a special page of Radio Chopin, with 200 stories for the composer’s 200 years. Even American Public Media’s “Marketplace” got into the act on Chopin’s birthday, March 1, broadcasting a segment by announcer and producer Jennifer Bangley Foster ’92.

While you’re on the WDAV site, be sure to check out Rachel Stewart ’86′s show “Biscuits and Bach,” Frank Dominguez’s Spanish-language “Concierto” and—oh, I’ll never do justice to the diversity of offerings, you’d better just go check out the full programming schedule. Happy listening!