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LIVE: Soyuz Returns, May 12-14 • VIDEO x 2: Wildcat Astronaut Tom Marshburn ’82


Since Wildcat NASA Astronaut Tom Marshburn ’82’s conversations from space to the 900 Room, we’ve spotted him flying over Lake Norman several times at dawn or dusk, sun glinting off the International Space Station 230 miles up at 175,000 mph.

Now hear this, just in: NASA will broadcast live coverage of his expedition’s return to Earth May 12-14.

Also see a replay of Tom Marshburn ’82 and Davidson students

And see Tom Marshburn’s 2010 address to a college audience in the Duke Family Performance Hall.

VIDEO and Star-Gazing: Flying High with NASA Astronaut Tom Marshburn ’82 on the International Space Station



Updated 3:11 p.m., April 23: This just in, NPR reel of Astronaut Chris Hadfield’s wet towel video, Tom in background.

The 450-acre patch of piedmont North Carolina that is Davidson College felt like the top of the world on Earth Day, Monday, April 22, 2013. We beamed our voices 230 miles into the heavens and alumnus Astronaut Tom Marshburn ’82 in turn beamed his voice and image back to us in the C. Shaw Smith 900 Room from the International Space Station, answering student questions across the spectrum and performing gravity-free parlor tricks that were out of this world! Kudos all around Davidson College and Johnson Space Center in Houston for “take two,” following a previous setup that included some technical difficulties on the audio side.

Watch a replay of the event.

Wave at Tom and crew from your backyard tonight, in the Davidson area: Tue Apr 23 9:46 PM, Visible: 2 min, Max Height: 54 degrees, Appears: NNW, Disappears: N. For other locations, visit the NASA Spot the Station alert page.

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TODAY! NASA Astronaut Tom Marshburn ’82 Downlink in Union at 4:05 p.m.!


This morning, Astronaut Tom Marshburn, M.D. ’82 wrote me in response to a wardrobe question: “I packed my Davidson pennant and shirt into a small return package that returned safely to Earth on the Dragon.  That was my only chance to get them back home, since they can’t go with me on my Soyuz when I return…. See you later today!”

It’s okay if Tom’s not in Davidson gear for this afternoon’s livestream video downlink. Nearly 100 Davidson students have signed up to be in the 900 Room studio that Jim “Big Dog” Nash and his fine team are putting together, and many of them will doubtless be in Wildcat garb. The event’s emcee, Richardson Professor of Physics Larry Cain, will even wear a Davidson T-shirt that Tom took up on his first space flight!

There will be monitors in the overflow area on the Davis Cafe level of the Union, in addition to the livestream. The event is free and open to the public; seating is limited. Doors will close at 3:55 p.m. and the half-hour question and answer session will begin at approximately 4:05 p.m.


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NASA News from Orbit: Docked


NASA TV link

Click for video gallery.

1:30 p.m. EST, 12/21/12: A fittingly joyous (and weightless!) welcome for Tom Marshburn ’82 and his crewmates arriving at the International Space Station. (Click “Expedition 34 Welcomes New Trio.”) What the video doesn’t show is the somersault Tom turned for his daughter! And what a great note on which to wish everyone on Earth all manner of Season’s Greetings up to and including a Happy New Year!

9:50 a.m. EST, 12/20/12: Sitting here at my desk full of doughnuts and bagels and with a steaming cup of coffee, my mind races with questions about how astronauts start their day, or even what a day means up there. More questions than got answered in a first interview with Tom Marshburn ’82 several years ago, and many more to ask during his coming five months at the International Space Station. Send me your questions for Tom at josyme [at] or on the Daybook Davidson Facebook page, and I’ll forward to him once he and his crewmates have a chance to get settled in their unearthly new home.

Meantime, tune in tomorrow, Friday at 8:18 at the NASA TV link above to see their arrival “over the river and through the stratosphere” at the International Space Station!

9:39 a.m. EST, 12/19/12: Docking scheduled for 8:18 a.m. Friday 12/21/12, to be covered live on NASA TV link above

Update 7:25 a.m. EST 12/19/12: Safely in orbit!



I just had a last earthbound e-mail from astronaut Tom Marshburn ’82, who signed off thus:

“Last chance to write you from here on the ground.  Launch in 20+ hours.  All the best from the frozen steppes of Baikonur, Tom.”


Tune in: December 19, Wednesday, 6 a.m. – ISS Expedition 34/35 Soyuz TMA-07M Launch Coverage (Launch scheduled at 7:12 a.m. ET; includes video B-roll of the crew’s pre-launch activities at 6:15 a.m. ET) – JSC via Baikonur, Kazakhstan (All Channels)

Davidson Astronaut Tom Marshburn ’82 Heads to Russian Quarantine; Lift-Off Scheduled Dec. 19


On a clammy, gray Monday morning that does not feel like December in Davidson, Tom Marshburn ’82 (left) broadens the mind’s landscape to the Russian winter and far beyond with this photo of himself and his fellow space travelers, Canadian Chris Hadfield (right) and Russian Roman Romanenko (center).

The three posed for a last snapshot just moments before their departure from Russia to Kazakhstan and quarantine. Their six-month mission to the International Space Station, Expedition 35, is scheduled to launch Dec. 19.

Bon voyage and godspeed, Tom!

Click here for story and links.

From Russia With Love: Astronaut Tom Marshburn ’82 Is Almost Out of This World Again


I was home sick and watching daytime basic cable (I was really sick), just channel-surfing along and—hey, wait, I know that guy! It was Tom Marshburn, M.D. ’82, Davidson Wildcat astronaut, talking with crewmates about preparations for their upcoming mission. I perked right up, and learned that Marshburn will be a flight engineer on NASA Expeditions 34 and 35 on the International Space Station. He’s currently scheduled to launch on Dec. 19 for a six-month stint (give or take an Earthling day). Here is a starter NASA page to learn more about his pending adventures. He’s on Twitter @AstroMarshburn.

Click for article.

I emailed Tom, who has visited campus and whom we have featured in the Davidson Journal. What a nice guy [drum roll]—very down to earth.

He wrote right back: “Right now I’m back in Russia, having just completed my last training tour in the U.S. with a chance to get everything squared away at my home. It’s chilly here—drops below freezing at night, and no snow yet but it always seems about to come. Ahead are my final ‘exams,’ simulations with my 2 crewmates in the Soyuz spacecraft where we demonstrate our ability to handle emergencies during launch, rendezvous with the Space Station, and re-entry to Earth.  In 3 weeks I head for Kazakhstan to enter quarantine in a compound not far from the launch site.  We’ll take off from the same pad that Yuri Gagarin launched from 51 years ago.”

Tom graciously offered to put a few email addresses into the NASA “safe” database so he can receive missives from alma mater in the e-packets that NASA will beam up to the Space Station. Got a question? Send it along to me at or post it to the Daybook Davidson Facebook page, and I’ll pass it along.

Tom Marshburn ’82 enjoyed meeting with students of Associate Professor of Physics John Yukich (left) on a visit to Davidson.

“Like most alums I look back with great fondness on my Davidson years, especially this time of year, and I’d love to maintain the connection,” Tom wrote. And he’s already sent a few Wildcat items ahead to orbit: “I did order a pennant and a new t-shirt, which is actually on-board the Space Station now! I had a chance to send up a few ‘personal preference items,’ and the pennant and t-shirt are included.  They launched on an Ariane rocket out of French Guiana early this year, and I was informed that those items were transferred over the hatch to wait for me until I arrive.”

There’s no place like home. Bon voyage and godspeed, Tom!