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Dodger’s Pix


I putted my head out the winnder alots and alots on this summer’s road trip, since they wasn’t a movey roof on the rolly house like last year. I smelled everthing. I have run and played and sniffed and chased and barked and leapt and curled up in a ball in a tent in 27 states in two years, which is a lot better than where I lived before, Def Roe. Here is some pitchers of me wif my head out the winnder. Click to see my whole ears.

Down the Maine Coast, Across the New Hampshire Mountains


[Update 8/12/10 per Peter Wagner's mom (Hi, Marlene!) re beach roses (see photo gallery): "News from my mom… the things that I’ve always called “salt water roses” are in fact “beach roses.” And it is indeed a rose, but not necessarily native to Maine (although they’re EVERYWHERE, and in my lifespan I certainly think of them as native – when I really try I can imagine how they smell)." — Peter Wagner '92, Director of Alumni Relations"]

Past the shipyards in Bath to Bates College in Lewiston to lighthouses on the Maine coast, then on to Portsmouth and Concord and Hanover in New Hampshire, Dodger and Peter and I made our way those first fateful days of “Road Trip 2010: Up the Eastern Seaboard.” We climbed rocks and rode waves, gobbled lobsters and whoopee pies, traversed hills and dales. At dark on Day Two, we passed up a sketchy’n'foreboding New Hampshire no-tell motel out in the sticks where no one would hear you scream, in favor of trudging onward anon to an establishment featuring indoor pool, outdoor lighting and the promise of hermetically-sealed muffins come morning. We wi-fi’ed, we rested, we swam.

En route the next day, Day Three afternoon, my classmate and class secretary Kelly Sundberg Seaman ’85 pinged us back from our on-the-road contact via the Alenda Links online directory to say that she was indeed in Hanover, where she works in public affairs at Dartmouth College. A happy hour we then spent at a festive l’il cafe in Hanover, taking in the passing college-town scene and talking shop about media relations, communications, and other aspects of our jobs that we can sometimes make seem easy because they are fun.

Day Four, and Day Five it turned out, we were in Dorset, Vt., at the home of Steve Holman ’78.

[N.B. Yes, this blog is a little out of order based on the chronology of our travels. I found this summer that, unlike Road Trip 2009, when you cram all the events and visits and mileage into one week instead of six, there's precious little time for Wifi and blogging.... so I'm catching up!]

Space Gallery, Portland, Maine


The morning after last Monday’s Casco Bay Sunset Run in Portland, Peter and I caught up with Nat May ’95, executive director of Portland’s Space Gallery, a non-profit contemporary art space featuring visual arts, live music and performance, film, artists features and more. The “more” on the day we visited included a chat with exhibiting artist Bill Daniel, an old-car buff like myself who made me miss the tiring Comet I’d left behind in my driveway for this trip. Snif.

CLICKABLE PIX: (Left) An “art machine” in the Space Gallery lobby is one way Nat helps bridge the latter-day gap between artists and patrons. (Right) Peter ’92 and Nat ’95 caught up a bit on mutual acquaintances and memories from their overlapping time at Davidson. Dodger waits patiently, since there are no squirrels.

Over lunch, Nat told a story that for me epitomized the importance of places like Space Gallery, with its multifold purpose of artistic incubator and exhibition space. The story is that when artist Daniel’s “sailvan” was parked out front one evening, with environmentally-related video arts being projected on its sails for passersby to ponder, one lady stopped in for an engaging conversation about the subject matter at hand. In taking her leave, she enunciated her delight with the mind-opening exhibit and the ensuing turn of conversation with this parting shot: “Thank God. I thought it was just going to be an ‘art project.’”

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And in Portland’s Space Gallery. Go, Nat!

Casco Bay Sunset Run, Portland, Maine


It was hard to tear ourselves away from four boys playing in the surf at southern Maine’s Reid State Park on Monday afternoon, but we had a grocery run in Portland before the Casco Bay Sunset Run cruise with alumni. Clickable:

Peter ’92 and Elena Wagner's three boys 8-, 9-, and 10-year-old boys Gabe, Shea and Colby, screaming delighted bloody murder with cousin Keel (green shirt).

It will surprise no one that Peter, Dodger and I squealed into the parking lot at the ferry port with scant moments to spare, tossed our keys to a nearby Hilton valet and wagged our party wares aboard amid much hilarity.

In my haste, I forgot to get a cheese-friendly knife out of my camp kitchen box in the trunk, but Peter's Aunt Kandace saved the day with a well-traveled pink pocketknife.

The Davidson College Portland alumni chapter staked a claim at the stern early in our scenic voyage.

Northern New England Chapter President Kristi Calhoun Belesca ’90, left, was front and center dockside with her festive red Davidson cooler as we prepared to board. John Teel ’03 and his fiancée Peke, who met in her native Argentina, are re-acclimating to his native Damariscotta, Maine. Kousin Kandace Wagner of pink knife repute, is in white top with pal Bob/Mike behind Peter Wagner, center, guarding cheese and crackers with Dodger. Over Peter's left shoulder in the Davidson Field Hockey hat is Paul Willis, who with his wife Jan (not pictured) is parent of Jen Willis ’08. Professor of Classics Emeritus (Smith College) Charles Henderson ’43 and Carol (right).

It turns out Charles Henderson ’42 knew my stepdad Hil Womble ’55 from their classics days at UNC and Duke, respectively. Davidson gentlemen are just *everywhere*! (And we greet one another as such on the sidewalk, don't we Charlie?!)

Our captain obliged vacationing teens with big wakes when we would leave dock stops along our route.

Alison Grey Murray, friend of Davidson and sister of fifth-generation Davidsonian Jennifer Grey ’91, with husband Oliver and daughters Chloe and Charlotte.

After the Sunset Run, the group morphed into a ribald two picnic tables on the deck at Flatbread Pizza, which we proudly shut down on a Monday night at 11:30!

Left to right: Moi ’85, Justin Bussone, M.D. ’00, PeWags ’92, Jon Teel ’03, Matt Hanson ’05, Bree Simmons ’05, Tom McGintee ’01

Drive-By Update, Portland, Maine


Had a great time with 15 folks who joined me and Peter Wagner ’92 for Portland’s Casco Bay Sunset Run cruise, followed by Flatbread Pizza with a few more Davidson alumni, parents, and friends who joined the festivities later (including Matt Hanson ’05, whose office at Bates we had gleefully sabotaged earlier in the day). Stay tuned for pics and more from the bay cruise, next regular Motel 6 office hours. This morning, we’re grabbing a quick coffee and muffin in the Scarborough Grounds Café and Eatery wifi zone in Portland, where Peter’s just confirmed the venue for dinner, drinks, and fun in Friday in Lancaster, Pa. Peter is an even more enthusiastic traveling companion than Dodger.

"Iron Hill Brewery, Lancaster, Pa., Friday, Aug. 6. Social hour at 6:00, dinner at 7:30. Woo hoo!"

Right now, off to join Nat May ’95 for a tour of Space Gallery, where he’s executive director. Stay tuned!

Brettun’s Pond, Maine II


This morning’s first photos are fuller with meaning for me than pixels permit. Clickable:

At the ready.

Man and dog had a happy solitary coffee moment at water’s edge after a previous evening’s family laughs, followed by a deep night’s deep sleep to the call of the loon.

My photo from sunset last night. Click for YouTube loon calls.

Slup, slup, slup.

Now, as the morning mist lifts, up the pine-needled bank to the house, waking to a 10-year-old’s viewing of Up! and the smell of more coffee and Maine blueberry cake. Maine blueberries are smaller and denser and full of flavor and goodness. Vacation. Now my host Peter Wagner ’92 is up and it’s time for the Monday morning logistics for tonight’s Portland Alumni Chapter sunset run at 5:45 on Casco Bay Lines followed by Flatbread Pizza on the waterfront—and then beyond as we begin to wend our way westsoutherly this week.

Brettun’s Pond, Maine


Alumni Director Peter Wagner ’92 driving the boat with Dodger and his new best friend Lucy the Bassett Hound, canine best friend of cousin Jason and girlfriend Nicole:


Peter and I are looking forward to the Portland Alumni Chapter boat ride and cocktail hour tomorrow, Monday! Meet us at 5:15… um, I forget where. Peter just fell down in the yard playing whiffleball with sons Colby, Shea, and Gabe, but I’ll ping him on Facebook to reply back with the exact location. I’m on vacation.