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Breaking News: HAITI


On my first viewing of NBC Nightly News video linked below, I did not notice that my erstwhile First Little hallmate was wearing a Davidson ballcap.

NBC Nightly News featured Greg Murphy, M.D. '85 on Feb. 8, 2010

I’m glad that an alert source, Wendy Roberts in President Tom Ross’s office, tipped me to this, not just for the screenshot here, but for the impetus to view the clip several times looking for it. As I did, the enormity of the suffering of our brothers and sisters in Haiti—as well as of the compassionate response of Greg and many like him—hit me again. And again. Words fail me, here, Greg, but our Davidson hats are off to you, and all who are holding out a hand to help.

(Campus note: Word in the Chambers hallway is that President Ross is off to the College Bookstore to pick you out another Davidson hat, too, just so you’ll always have a backup!)