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Laeta Kalogridis ’87: English Major at the Movies


UDATE: Charlotte Observer’s Lawrence Toppman interview, 2/27/10.

If you saw Avatar, you saw the name of Hollywood screenwriter and producer Laeta Kalogridis ’87 near the top of the credits as executive producer. That made those of us who are following her rising star want to run not walk to see her latest, the Martin Scorsese film Shutter Island with Leonardo DiCaprio, which she also executive-produced.

Laeta’s Left Coast home phone has a great message on it: “[Much cacophonous musical background hullaballoo] You’ve reached Laeta and [shouted family members names here] and a whole bunch of musical instruments, so leave a message, and when we’re finished practicing, we’ll call you back!” Sure enough, five minutes later the phone rang, and it was Laeta, who sounded like she was on a treadmill, whether literally or just that L.A. thing, I could not tell. She cut to the chase: “Anybody who aspires to work anywhere in the arts should take a class with Cynthia Lewis. And any woman who aspires to work in the arts, or any man for that matter, should take a class with Libby Mills and learn about women’s literature and history and what it means. Another thing I would want to say is that a Davidson education prepares you for anything you want to do, and you can take it anywhere in the world.”

I couldn’t have said it any better myself. Congratulations, Laeta! And I’ll see the rest of you at the movies. Shutter Island opens tomorrow. (In local news, Davidson, N.C. now has its own movie house, Our Town Cinemas!) ADDED LINK: Charlotte Observer review.