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Alumni Mailbag: Jots and Tittles from Hither, Thither, and Yon


If you’re reading these pixels over a broadband connection, you may, like I do, wonder just what that is. What does it mean? What will it mean in the future as regulators and providers grind political pork into Internet sausage? You could call up Stagg Newman ’70 of McGuireWoods Consulting LLP and quiz him—or you could check out the latest at Stagg helped craft a new FCC plan submitted to Congress in March. “Plan Intended to Transform Energy, Healthcare, Homeland Security, Education Sectors,” says the press release. Is that all? Better check it out. And thanks, Stagg! Without good folks like you, why, I might be out of a job!

Speaking of the LLP crowd, David K. Taylor ’80 writes from Nashville: “Last year my Nashville based law firm, Boult Cummings Conners & Berry, merged with the Bradley Arant White & Rose law firm, and now we have 360 lawyers in 4 states, as well as Washington, DC.  While I am serving on the merged firm’s Management Committee, one of the nice consequences of the merger is being joined by 6 other Davidson graduates, and I bet  that 7 Wildcat graduates is probably the most in any one law firm nationwide (do I hear a challenge??).  These include David Hill Bashford ’98 (Charlotte); Roy D. Campbell ’72 (Jackson, Miss), Cutter Hughes ’65 (Huntsville); Kathleen Shields O’Beirne ’01 (Jackson, Miss); Alex Purvis ’98 (Jackson); Ralph Yielding ’79 (Birmingham); David Taylor ’80 (Nashville).” Wow. That’s a lot of Wildcat lawyers. Which, of course, is better than non-Wildcat lawyers. Ba-doomp-boomp. But seriously: Rrrwwwwoorrrr, Go ’Cats!

Speaking of Go, ’Cats, this cat is about to go on vacation for a week. I fully intended to schedule a modest selection of blog entries to post in my absence, but I woke up at four this morning and was out of coffee and the hot water heater might be leaking and the travel agent threw me a last-minute curve ball I had to throw back and then I had to pick up my boss for an appointment and then, &%#*@!, my computer password keychains fell all apart about 45 minutes ago and I’m scheduled to leave at lunch to go buy suntan lotion and pack my scuba and yoga gear and now it is lunchtime and I am leaving whether this hateful ol’ computer lets me post this entry or not. [Update: It did it, it did it!—just barely. Thanks, Help Desk! ¡Hasta luego! everybody! Woo hoo!]

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